scouting_for_allVolunteers are proud and excited to be part of the Movement following the launch of Scouting’s Strategic Plan 2014-2018.
Buzzing with activity
The web was buzzing with activity following the recent announcement of Scouting for All, Scouting’s Strategic Plan 2014-2018, and you were quick to join in the excitement and tell us what you are already doing to make Scouting even bigger and better.
Over 10,000 people saw our Scouting for All post on Facebook and the Strategy received 506 re-tweets on Twitter. You were excited and proud to be part of the Movement and Twitter was overrun with positive comments.
‘The vision for 2018 makes me incredibly proud and honoured to be a Scout,’ said @Vic_LeonCutler, while @KentCubScouts wrote: ‘#scouting4all = MORE time + MORE fun + MORE adventure + MORE friends + MORE young people having more say in @ukscouting #woohoo!!’

Bigger and better
The plan for the next four years will focus on four main objectives: growth, inclusivity, youth-shaped and community impact. We wanted to know what you thought of the plans and what you are doing to improve Scouting by 2018. Sue Ingram, GSL for Brent 6th Dartford Scout Group, told us how her Group has gone from strength to strength: ‘At Brent 6th Dartford we started with one of each section and we now have two Beaver Colonies, two Cub Packs and we’ll soon be opening a second Scout Troop. Our next great adventure is to open an Explorer Unit to accommodate our very fast-growing number of members locally.’
Dave Reuben from 1st Quinton, 169th Birmingham Cub Pack (Rea Valley), is also enjoying rapid growth with his Group: ‘Our Cub Pack increased since Christmas by the addition of 13 Beavers moving up; this means we now have 40-plus Cubs. I have buy modafinil canada online seven warranted leaders, two sectional assistants, one occasional helper and two Young Leaders working with me, so we cope. I  think that the main reason I have leaders/helpers who enjoy being there is because I encourage them to have a big say in how our programme goes; everyone is very enthusiastic, which is the way I like it to be.’
The Tsunami Explorer Unit in Warrington is already doing its bit to make Scouting more youth-shaped: ‘We have a team of Explorers who are our planning team and bring ideas to a meeting,’ says leader, Karin Quarrie. ‘We advise and work to steer them towards a balanced program, which is active and fun too. Our success at this means a Unit of three grew to 68, so we opened a new Unit in the same place on a different night: we now have 45 Explorers and the sister Unit has 38.’
Wayne Bulpitt, UK Chief Commissioner, comments on the positive reaction to the plan: ‘The reaction to our plans, from members and non-members alike has been great and, in part, is due to the wide engagement that has been undertaken ensuring that the views of members have been recognised and acted upon. It’s great that everybody wants to work together to now make the vision become a reality.’
The challenge ahead
As well as amazing responses about the brilliant work you are doing, we have also received queries addressing some inevitable challenges the Strategic Plan will bring.
We have compiled responses to some of the most common themes in this FAQ (PDF). We would love to hear more about your Group’s adventures towards 2018 and any queries you might have: email and let us know.
Check out the Strategic Plan website for more information.
Link: Scouting for all – Scouts