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International Scouting

Take part in a visit abroad, meet Scouts from other countries

Mersey Weaver Scouts are keen to encourage and support young people who wish to participate in international events and projects. Scouting is an international movement and a visit abroad is a fantastic opportunity to learn about another culture, meet other Scouts, understand how they live, experience unique adventures and extend the horizons of our members beyond the village, town or city in which they live. All of the top Awards in Scouting require participants to experience or incorporate  some understanding of global issues and a visit abroad is a great way of enabling that.

Interested in an adventurous trip/visit abroad but not sure where to start?

Get in touch with our DC (Oliver Chambers) and our ACC International (Graham Shaw)

To apply for funding from the International Scouting Fund you will need to complete a project proposal. Completed Project Proposals should be sent to our Sponsorship Advisory Panel for consideration.

Our International Fund

It is recognised that the expense of organising visits abroad can sometimes be barrier. It has therefore been agreed by the District’s Executive to establish a Designated Fund to support international Scouting.  The fund can be accessed to secure bookings for accommodation, travel, insurance while fundraising is taking place, to subsidise the cost of specialist equipment, fund local activities with visiting Scouts from other countries, or in certain circumstances help less fortunate families fund their participation or equipment etc they might need to take part.

If you want to know more about funding an International trip or our hardship fund please speak the with with the District Commissioner or your Unit’s leader in confidence. We want to ensure all young people have the opportunity to attend international events regardless of background or financial circumstance.

Recent International Projects

  • World Scout Jamboree 2015 – Japan
  • Roverway 2016 – France
  • Kanderstag 2017 – Switzerland
  • Nord 2017 – Norway
  • World Scout Moot 2017 – Iceland
  • Chamboree 2018
  • Roverway 2018 – Netherlands
  • Hosted Dutch Scouts 2018 – QCW
  • World Scout Jamboree 2019 – North America
  • EuroJam 2020 – Poland
  • Explorer Belt 2021 – Iceland
  • World Scout Moot 2021 – Republic of Ireland
  • Chamboree 2022
  • Explorer Belt 2022 – Europe & Croatia
  • World Scout Jamboree 2023 – South Korea
  • Explorer Belt 2023 – Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
  • Roverway 2024 – Norway
  • ???? 2025 – ????
  • World Scout Moot 2025 – Portugal
  • Chamboree 2026
  • World Scout Jamboree 2027 – Poland

World Scout Jamboree

If you’re aged between 12-16, then you are eligible for the most important Scout camp there is… the World Scout Jamboree taking place in South Korea Summer 2023!

Those born between 22 July 2005 and 31 July 2009 can attend as a participant if they apply and progress through a selection process.

Anyone born before these dates can apply to be a Leader or part of the International Service Team.

If you’re interested, fill in the form and we’ll be in touch when the selection process opens.

We encourage anyone who is eligible to attend the Jamboree to register your interest – even if you aren’t sure or 100% certain it’s for you. Remember being a Scout is all about acknowledging the butterflies, taking a deep breath and going for it!

Applications are open!

We are so pleased to announce that applications are now open. Applications must be submitted before midnight on 25 October 2021. Applicants will be invited to a fun activity day on the 21 November, if you can’t make it don’t worry as we will arrange an alternative opportunity t meet with you.

Tips for your application

To help you with your application, we are looking for young people who:

  • will benefit the most from attending
  • will give back to local Scouts & the community
  • have the ability to work as part of a team
  • can Think big on key global / local issues
  • can Dream wild on how to tackle these issues
  • can Act together as a unit and as a world wide movement

At the activity day we will be looking out for:

  • Communication Skills (incl. listening, empathy, respect)
  • Team Work / Networking
  • Creativity / Problem Solving
  • Leadership / Taking Responsibility
  • Positive Attitude/Mindset

Frequently asked questions

All your questions answered about the World’s largest youth event

How do I apply?

Applications will go live later this year.  Hopeful participants will be asked to answer an application form in order to learn a bit about them. They will then be invited to attend a fun activity event. Everyone will gain something from the experience whether you are successful for the Jamboree or not. Every applicant will have the opportunity to practice team building and interview techniques which will come in useful for future UCAS and Job Applications. The event will last about half a day and the interview will be a 15min informal conversation.

How will the WSJ be funded?

Seed funding will be provided by the District using it’s International fund to cover upfront costs with the intention that the full balance is raised and international fund replenished through group fundraising. Rather than burdening individuals with fundraising for themselves, this will be a group effort and we have a proven track record of successful fundraising in Mersey Weaver; enabling young people from all walks of life and family situations to take part.

We implore young people and parents not to be daunted by the fundraising or perceptions around cost as we are keen to help those from low income families and there are ways we can help locally and nationally to ensure that cost is not barrier to your participation.

Is there provision for young people with additional needs?

As with all aspects of Scouts we aim to be fully inclusive and the UK Contingent has set itself the target of being the most diverse and inclusive contingent to date.

We will make every effort to ensure all young people with physical, psychological impairments or learning difficulties who want to go on the trip are given the opportunity to do so. We encourage parents and young people to have an open and honest conversation with us so we can best accommodate you.

What preparation will there be?

Cheshire units have a track record of running a number of exciting and fun events and camps to prepare the Units for the WSJ so that our participants are able to make the most of their time away. These are a mandatory part of the experience and something you will need to commit to attending.

The fundraising is a big part of the preparation too, forging relationships and building a team. We will be running a workshop for parents and participants on how best to fundraise with advice coming from parents, participants and leaders from previous internationals run in Mersey Weaver.

What will I get out of a Jamboree?

Many people who have been to previous World Scout Jamborees’ – whether adults or young people – happily talk about a “life changing experience”. You will see new things, meet new people, be immersed in the true worldwide family of Scouts. This really is a unique experience that cannot be put into words.

One of our objectives is to ensure everyone who is part of the journey grows as a person and recognises that change – bringing back new skills and ideas to make a lasting impression on their local scouting and community. Its not just about the Jamboree its self the journey to the Jamboree is just as important in developing you as a person and forging friendships that will last a lifetime…

When does the Jamboree take place?

The organisers have confirmed the WSJ will now take place from 1 – 12 August 2023. The UK Contingent will be offering a pre and/or post event experiences around those dates too and young people can typically expect to be away for three weeks.

The Jamboree experience begins however in 2021 with unit selection followed by fundraising and training events.

Who should apply?

If you are if you’re aged between 12-16 this summer and Scout in Mersey Weaver and want to have an experience of lifetime then you should apply. It does not matter how long you have been a Scout, which group you attend, whether you think you can afford the trip or even if you are a little bit nervous; we want as many young people to put their names forward as possible.. who knows it could be the best decision you have ever made?!

Why is there an application process?

The World Scout Jamboree is extremely popular and we want to ensure everyone who goes will get the most value from the experience. We also want to make sure the contingent is representative of Mersey Weaver and everyone no matter who they are is given a fair chance of attending.

Please don’t be put off by the application process, its great experience for the future and we promise to make it fun and worthwhile. Remember you’ve got to be in it to win it, so don’t be disappoint yourself by not putting your name forward.

Will I have to fundraise?

We encourage fundraising as a group as it teaches young people the value of money, hardwork and instils a sense of achievement upon completion. Fundraising together also lessens the financial burden on families on low incomes and makes the event accessible to everyone. Parents will not be permitted just to “write a cheque” and everyone is expected to play an active role in raising the collective amount.