The Scout District exists to provide guidance and support to Scout Groups. This can be in all manner of ways from just being there to talk to and give advice to organising large scale events or taking on some of the administrative burden that inevitably comes with running a charity. We’re really proud of what we are able to offer in Mersey Weaver and are continuously striving to do more to support the leaders delivering fantastic programmes and life changing opportunities to young people in our community.  

Our Vision

By 2023 we will have prepared more young people with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme.

We will be supporting Section Leaders by providing them with tools, training and resources to deliver an inspiring, high quality programme. A high quality programme will include 50% Outdoor and Adventure, opportunities to explore the World and develop young people’s Skills.

Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. As such, participation of all young people (to the best of their ability) is key.

Scouting’s Programme

Scouting offers a diverse and exciting selection of activities and experiences that are key to attracting and retaining young people. The Scouting Programme provides adventure and challenge to young people in an age-appropriate way, helping them with their personal development and to grow their confidence. The programme of activities is planned by the sectional leadership team in partnership with young people. The programme should be flexible and have room to adapt and accommodate the needs of the individuals in the section.

Outdoor and Adventure, World and Skills

The Scouting programme is based around three main themes: Outdoor and AdventureWorld and Skills. In each section a range of badges and awards are there to support all aspects of Scouting, including the three main themes as well as, leadership, teamwork and personal development. The programme should be delivered in a balanced way that incorporates elements from each theme, to offer young people the most interesting, diverse and high quality experience, enabling every young person to achieve the top award in that section. The programme is designed to be progressive through the sections to offer young people an appropriate level of challenge.

It is recommended that young people engaging in the Scouting Programme, in all sections, should spend 50% of the time working on outdoor and adventure areas. This does not mean that 50% of the time young people need to be outdoors, but that the programme should have activities with an outdoor and adventure theme or preparation for going outdoors. Although the more time you can spend outside the better!

A quality programme is challenging, relevant and rewarding for every young person

What we mean by challenging:

  • more opportunities for outdoor and adventurous activities in safe environments
  • gaining confidence by participating in new or less familiar activities and stepping out of their comfort zones
  • all young people regardless of their abilities, can enjoy and achieve

What we mean by relevant:

  • young people shape the programme based on what they want to learn and explore
  • ensuring the needs of every young person are met
  • responding to what young people are currently inquisitive about and reflecting this in the programme

What we mean by rewarding:

  • developing skills for life, including teamwork, leadership and personal development
  • supporting young people with their progression through the sections
  • young people are excited about Scouting,

All young people should have the opportunity to achieve the top award for their section.

To achieve the Chief Scouts Bronze, Silver and Gold young people have to complete all of the Challenge Awards and a selection of Activity and Staged Activity badges. For the Chief Scout Platinum, Diamond and theQueen’s Scout Award, members complete challenges, nights away and activities on the themes of International, Community and Values. These are also linked to the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke ofEdinburgh’s Awards.

How Mersey Weaver supports groups

  • Adult Awards
  • Award ceremonies for CSBA, CSSA
  • Complaints process
  • Development of future provision
  • District workshop meetings and other networking opportunities
  • District Scout Store
  • District events and activities
  • Digital tools e.g. Office 365, Online Scout Manager, Free Group Website
  • Explorer Scout provision
  • Funding for Leader training
  • Funding for adults/young people in hardship
  • International opportunties
  • Network provision
  • Nights away permits
  • Plethora of equipment to loan e.g. Tents, Land Yachts, Boats, Bikes, Tech
  • Safeguarding
  • Sectional visits/joint programmes and activities
  • Sectional support/cover when required
  • Skills based active support units who can help with activities
  • Skills events for Leaders
  • Support for Group Executive Committees
  • Support with Community Impact Projects
  • Support with Inclusion
  • Three amazing activity centres
  • Tools for Leader inductions
  • Two minibuses to help transport young people to activities and camps
  • Young Leader training
  • Youth forum opportunities