District Services

The Scout District exists to provide guidance and support to Scout Groups and their sections to better serve young people in the local area and their programmes.

In 2015, the Scout Association announced Vision 2018, the refreshed programme and a Digital Manifesto. Vision 2018 focuses on five areas Adventure, Community Impact, Growth, Inclusivity & being Youth Shaped. With the refreshed programme, all sections will aim for 50% of activities to be outdoor and adventure focused.

Scouting in 2018 will:

  • Make a positive impact in our communities
  • Prepare young people to be active citizens
  • Embrace and contribute to social change

Scouting in 2018 will be:

  • Shaped by young people in partnership with adults
  • Enjoyed by more young people and more adult volunteers
  • As diverse as the communities in which we live

Members of Scouting in 2018 will feel:

  • Empowered
  • Valued
  • Proud

So how will we achieve this?


Ambitious but realistic targets have been agreed for every part of this plan. Volunteers and staff across the Movement will be supported to work towards these goals so that we can unlock our collective power.

Partnership and collaboration

We make a greater difference when we work with people across society. Effective partnership working will be essential if we are to extend our reach and impact.

Sharing and celebrating successes

We will achieve more by sharing best practice across the Movement and celebrating successes. We’ll find new ways of ensuring we are learning from each other and recognising best practice.


Scouting began with a single, inspired idea and we haven’t forgotten the power of innovation. Fresh thinking is the only way to help us achieve our ambitious aims. We will encourage new thinking across the Movement to stimulate creative solutions to age-old challenges.


If we empower young people to drive decision-making this will stimulate new thinking and enable us to stay in touch can i buy provigil online with a fast-changing world.

Using digital technology

It is an inescapable fact that we live in a digital world. That is why we are investing in digital technology nationally and locally, making our new membership system (Compass) central to making Scouting easier, more efficient and less time-consuming. We need to seize the opportunities digital technology offers us to reach new communities, share and debate our ideas, communicate and make volunteering easier.

Digital Manifesto

2016 saw the launch of The Digital Manifesto. Providing young people and adults with six clear, concise and easy to understand goals, the Manifesto will help all sections use digital technology in a safe, smart, creative and responsible way. The new Scouts’ Digital Manifesto:

  • Use digital to learn and embrace new skills
  • Share your adventures digitally and inspire others
  • Know when to switch off, balancing screen time with outdoor activities
  • Use digital skills to support your family and community
  • Use digital to be creative
  • Stay safe online and know the risks

What provisions & services have the District planned to help groups?:

  • Sectional ADCs to help share advice, resources and best practice.
  • Specialist ADCs to focus on strategy for the five focuses of Vision 2018.
  • A District Youth commissioner & Youth Forum.
  • New Active Support Units to assist groups with more adventurous programming.
  • A Digital strategy and Technology ASU to engage young people through technology, help groups have an online presence, making administration easier and aid with additional innovative and exciting activities.
  • Financial support such as the Leadership Development Fund & Project Proposals
  • District Events that specifically focus on meeting the aims of Vision 2018.
  • A new Awards committee to celebrate the achievements and dedication of our volunteers.
  • Investment in new equipment and services such as a District Minibus.