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How does the joining list work?

Once you’ve filled in the form we’ll add your child to the catchment area and check if there’s room in the group/unit you’ve requested. If there is then a volunteer will be in touch to offer a place and let you know when you can start. If you accept the place, then we’ll transfer your details to that group.

If there’s no room then an alternative group/unit may get in touch with you to offer you a place. You will have the option to stay on the joining list until a space becomes available at your preferred group/unit. However, please bare in mind this may significantly delay your young person joining.

If you don’t hear from us, we appreciate your patience. Someone will only be in touch once a place becomes available.

Already on our Joining List?

Check if you are already on one of our joining lists and whether or not you have an estimated start date and group. All our joining lists are sorted geographically into catchment areas Northern (Widnes), Central (Runcorn and Moore), Southern (Frodsham and surrounding villages). We also have a special joining list for young people of Explorer age and for young people not yet old enough to join Squirrels (WannaSquirrel)

If you would like your child to join a group or unit in Mersey Weaver, please enter your/your child’s details in the form below. Your details will be stored in Online Scout Manager, which we use to manage youth members across the District.

Please be aware that, by entering your details below, you are permitting Mersey Weaver Scout Council to store and share the information supplied (with Scout Groups within Mersey Weaver) in order to assist in finding your child a place.

Scouting in Mersey Weaver is entirely volunteer led, with thousands of hours donated weekly by over 400 adult volunteers, please consider volunteering.

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