Our People

Meet the team

District Lead Volunteer 

Oliver Chambers

Oliver has overall responsibility for the District.. It is his role to ensure the district runs effectively and that Scouting develops in accordance with the rules and policies of The Scout Association so that young people can benefit from good quality scouting.

District Chair 

Jeff Shaw

Jeff chairs the Trustee Board which supports the District Lead Volunteer in carrying out their role. The District Trustee Board shapes our decisions, approves our strategy and monitors our performance. It is the role of the exec to ensure good governance and that the district has the resources it needs to operate. As Chair Jeff leads on this.

District Youth Lead 

Grace Wheeler

The District Youth Lead provides young people in the district a voice at a senior level. It is a fantastic opportunity for a young person to gain leadership and management experience. The Youth Lead ensures that young people from 6 – 25 years are involved and engaged in every decision that shapes their Scouting experience locally, to empower young people to share their ideas and have a meaningful voice in planning, implementing and reviewing their programme and opportunities.

Volunteer vacancies

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Scouting Structure

Scouts is all about connections. Find out how all it all fits together locally and nationally. While there are different groups, units and teams we’re all part of the same family. 

Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team are responsible for the day to day oversight of the District.

Board of Trustees

The Trustee Board shapes and approves the strategy of The District and monitors our performance against that strategy.

Team Mersey Weaver

Team Mersey Weaver is made up of Team Leaders, Managers and advisors who provide leadership alongside specialised support.

14 -24 Team

Our five explorer units and Network function much like sections in a group except they all sit at the District level.

Activity Centres

We have a number of Activity Centres cared for by a management team.

Programme Team

This Team provides support to sections in the district with anything programme related and organise activities for young people.

Group Team

Our Group Scout Leaders manage our local groups and help the District and County Commissioners in ensuring Scouting develops in accordance with the rules and policies of The Scout Association.

Volunteering Development Team

This Team are look after our volunteer experience which includes Welcome and Induction, Learning,

Support Team

This Team are look after Safety, Safeguarding, Complaints, Data Compliance, Digital Services, Communications and Activity Centre

Youth Shape Team

The Youth Shape team ensure we the voices of young people are heard and the Scouting remains relevant.