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Group Scout Leaders

Meet the volunteer managers who look after our groups

Every group in the District has a Group Scout Leader appointed by the District Commissioner. The Group Scout Leader team manage and support each group in the district and work together as part of the district team to encourage collaboration across Mersey Weaver.

Emma Cummings

1st Halton

Judith Potts

1st Helsby


1st Ince & Elton

Duncan Edwards

1st Moore

Roger Owens

1st Newton & Kingsley

Bruce Lane

1st Norley

Lisa Cubbins

1st Weston & Weston Point


3rd Frodsham


3rd & 9th Runcorn

Richard Smith

4th Frodsham

Keith Marnell

4th Runcorn

Alec Wynne

4th Widnes


6th Runcorn


8th Widnes

Karen Foggin

10th Widnes

Sandra Markey

12th Widnes

Brian Flanagan

14th Widnes