On Saturday 10th September members of Mersey Weaver shooting squad took part in ScoutShoot 2023 held on the Bisley Ranges near Woking, Surrey.

The competitions consisted of a number disciplines involving shooing full bore (7.62 rim fire), small bore (5.2mm/0.22 rimfire) and 0.22 air gun. Approximately 200 adult and youth members participated in the competition which was organised by Surrey Scouts.


We are please to report that our team finished in 2nd Place in the Jubilee Cup (highest combined score over all disciplines) with South West Cheshire taking 1st and 3rd places -a clean sweep for Cheshire Scouts!

Duncan Edward took the Hampshire Trophy for 1st place in the Gallery rifle shoot, Kyle finishing 9th, Declan 30th, Dan 53rd, Saul 60th out of 101.

In the County Shield (highest full bore score, user 25s), our youth members finished in the top fifteen out of 79: Kyle in 7th place, Dan in 12th and Saul in 13th out of 79.

In the Pistol trophy (highest pistol score), Dan finished 6th, Saul 16th, Declan 19th, Colin and Kyle =32nd and Duncan 44th out of 101.

In there Jack Day Trophy (highest 0.22 rifle score, under 25s), Declan finished 11th, Kyle 13th, Saul 14th and Dan 27th out of 79.

In the Turning Target Trophy, Duncan finished 6th, Declan and Saul =12th, Kyle =60th out of 101.

In the Greybeard’s Cup (over 25s), Duncan finished 9th and Colin 15th.

Considering that this is the second time that the squad have shot full bore and small bore rimfire , they did exceeding well.