This weekend, Scouts from Mersey Weaver and other Districts in the County donned their backpacks and took part in “Cheshire Hike”. The event, now in it’s fiftieth year is an annual competition open to all Scouts and Guides in Cheshire. The two day expedition is real challenge for all those who take part but with careful planning and good training, the Scouts that took part this weekend are living proof you can succeed! We are looking forward to hearing all the memorable stories from our young people and thank the leaders & parents that took the time to train them as well as the hike organisers and everyone that made the event possible.

Juniors 19km Saturday, 12km Sunday

Intermediate 25km (plus one optional 5km leg) Saturday, 16km Sunday

Senior 29km (plus two optional 5km legs), 19km Sunday

Senior Plus 34km (plus one option 5km leg), 19km Sunday

We would like to thank Richard, Carl, Mark and Barry who put considerable effort in at a District Level helping to prepare teams for the event.

For any Scouts now considering taking part in the Hike next year stay tuned for details of our own event Mersey Weaver Trek for younger Scouts this Summer!


District Winners

Juniors – Erynn Maddock and Daisy Marsh of 1st Newton and Kingsley

Intermediate – Oliver Jones and Oliver White of 1st Norley

Senior – Hannah Kimber (1st Ince and Elton) and Saffy Shingler (4th Frodsham)

Senior Plus – Jack best place to buy modafinil online Whibberly and Alex Usher of Cestrian Explorers

County Winners

Senior Plus – Jack Whibberly and Alex Usher of Cestrian Explorers


Well done to the following young people for completing the hike:

  • Juniors
    • Ella Pickstock and Kiran Dobson – 4th Frodsham
    • Jack Eston and MacKenzie Tudor – 1st Ince and Elton
    • Phoebe Rae and Amber Howarth – 1st Ince and Elton
    • Matty Chambers and Harry Jackson – 1st Ince and Elton
    • Guy Stubbs and Jamie Hurst – 3rd Frodsham Sea Scouts
    • Alex and Oliver Lavery – 1st Moore
    • Joseph Entwistle and Matthew Hilton – 1st Moore
    • Ben Maycock and Thomas Gannon – 4th Runcorn
    • Benjamin Shingler and Adam Rogers – 1st Helsby
    • Sam Lewis and Robert Jones – 1st Newton and Kingsley
  • Intermediates
    • Thomas Stanton and George Stead – 1st Halton
    • Cody Hunt and Jessica McKay – 1st Ince and Elton
    • William Loughlin and Josh Stubbs – 3rd Frodsham Sea Scouts
    • Brenden Edwards and Archie Wilson – 1st Moore
    • Kieron Martin and Declan Ryan – 10th Widnes (Hough Green)
    • William Standing and George Holland – 1st Helsby
    • Tom King and Alex Lamb – 1st Helsby
    • Claire Beech (1st Helsby) and Katie Heeley (1st Weston and Weston Point)
    • Jonathan Hughes and Cameron Simpson – 1st Norley
  • Senior Plus
    • Joseph McDonnell and Zoe Kimber – Cestrian Explorers
    • Benjamin Heath and Alex Richmond – Aquila Explorers