I am incredibly proud to announce that Ron Sayle has been awarded the highest adult award in Scouts, The Silver Wolf. I would like to personally extend my thanks and gratitude to Ron for the incredible contribution he has made not just in Mersey Weaver but Scouting and the local community in general.

Ron a lifelong Scouter in Mersey Weaver, attended 3rd Runcorn as a young man and went on to become a founder member of 4th Frodsham. Ron started as the Group Secretary but soon took up the mantle of Scout leader eventually becoming the Group Scout Leader a role he held for an astonishing 22 years and a group he still very actively continues to support.

Ron has had many accomplishments over the years that include:

  • Overseeing multiple extensions and refurbishment projects of the 4th Frodsham Scout HQ
  • Attending every 4th Frodsham Scout Summer camp since at least 1988!
  • Multiple fundraising campaigns that have brought in hundreds of thousands of pounds into local Scouting
  • The construction of the Laavu at Queen Charlotte’s Wood in recognition of the late Ian Nicholas
  • The establishment of the Golden Mile that connects Frodsham and Helsby with beautiful daffodils in the spring
  • Helping to increase the number of awards presented in Mersey Weaver to other volunteers in the last 4 years by 90%

Ron continues to tirelessly devote his time to Scouts as a Trustee on the District and 4th Frodsham Trustee Boards, as a member of the Appointments Panel and as part of our dedicated Activity Centre Active Support Unit at Queen Charlotte’s Wood. He has been an inspiration to generations of young people and continues to be a mentor to so many adults in Scouts too.

We are so pleased that Ron has been recognised by none other than the Chief Scout, Bear Grylls himself. His unwavering dedication to Scouting for over 45 years makes him a more than worthy recipient for this prestigious award and we feel so incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated and inspirational person willing to give their time so freely to Scouts in Mersey Weaver.

On a personal note, from the age of six, Ron has inspired me to be the best I can be. He is a shining example of Scouting at its best and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Ron and his encouragement; I wouldn’t be volunteering with the Scouts as a Lead Volunteer today.

Ron – on behalf of everyone in Mersey Weaver, thanks you all you do, you’re amazing! We are so proud of you and look forward to celebrating with you in style at the county dinner, the Mersey Weaver #BigThankYou event and hope both you and Joyce (who’s supported you with all your Scouting) will also enjoy your trip to Windsor.

Oliver Chambers – Lead Volunteer