It is with great pleasure we are able to announce two new appointments for the ADC Scouts role in Mersey Weaver! The role will be shared between Andy and Matty in a very similar way that Caroline and Sandra share their ADC role. Matty and Andy are keen to improve collaboration and communication between Scout Troops in Mersey Weaver as well as increase the number of young people who move on to Explorers.

Matthew Marnell

Matt is currently the Scout Leader at 4th Runcorn where he has grown the troop to 30 young people. In addition to his Section Leader role, Matt is also a Section Assistant with Cestrian Explorers, Member of our Hillwalking and Trekking ASU and been an elected member of the District Exec for four of the last five years. In 2019, Matty was one of ten unit leaders who were selected to attend the World Scout Jamboree. The Young people Matt works with love him for his down to earth attitude and humour but also his ambitious ideas and dedication he puts into Scouts.

Andy Hill

Andy is currently the Scout Leader at 1st Moore where he has grown the troop to 31 young people. Andy is passionate about outdoor activities and new and innovative programme ideas. In addition to his Section Leader role Andy is a member of our Climbing ASU and in 2020 was supposed to be taking a group of young people to EuroJam in Poland. Unfortunately this hasn’t been possible but there is a alternative trip in the pipeline. Andy is a very down to earth and approachable, he loves combining old favourites with new innovative twists and can’t wait to meet more Scout leaders from across the district.

Contacting Matt and Andy

Both Matt and Andy are keen to commence their role and collaborate with other troops to get to know more people, please do get in touch if you have any ideas or requests how we might develop the Scout section over the next 6-12 months.