At the District Annual review ADC Adventure, Oliver Chambers announced a once in a lifetime opportunity for around thirty Scouts, Explorers and Network to attend the World’s Northernmost Jamboree in Bodø in July 2017.
Situated at 67 degrees north, above the Arctic Circle with beautiful mountain views. Bodø is the capital of Nordland county and is surrounded by some of the most pristine wilderness in Norway including 17 Nature Reserves. From 4th June to 8th July the sun never sets, providing a unique light, day and night!
As well as thousands of Scouts from all across Norway and Scandinavia, buy modafinil uk next day delivery participants will be joining contingents from as far away as the USA, Netherlands and Hong Kong.. Meet Scouts from other countries and learn about their cultures, make friends and maybe even swap a few badges!
The District will also be fortunate enough to participate in a Home Hospitality experience staying with Norwegian families and experiencing day to day Norwegian life.
Through International events our young people help to strengthen relationships with other Scouting organisations throughout the world leading to better understanding of people and global issues.
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