On Saturday 21 November, 37 Scouts and Explorers from across Mersey Weaver took part in a day of activities at Queen Charlotte’s Wood.

It was a fun day, with lots of challenging team-building activities. Its fair to say that it was the hardest selection event we had ever had to do and the assessing team spent may days deliberating who should attend – if we could have done, we would have sent them all! Well done to everyone who took part and for putting your hats in he ring, we hope we can alternative opportunities for you in the future.

A huge thank you to the Leaders, without whom the day would not have been possible, for all of their efforts running and assessing the activities and supporting the Scouts and Explorers throughout the day.

The Scouts and Explorers who were selected to represent Mersey Weaver in 2023 are:

Unit 46

Amy Preston-Hill
Amy White
Jess Pickstock
Lottie Helsby
Phoebe Eastwood

Unit 47

Aran Dobson
Ben Stockton
Darcey Harris
Dylan Howe
Ellie Molyneaux

Congratulations to all ten of the young people, we are sure they will enjoy their journey to the Jamboree over the next couple of years. We look forward to you sharing that experience with the rest of the District.