Scouts across Mersey Weaver mourn the loss of our beloved monarch and Patron, HM The Queen. Her outstanding example of service, encouragement and kindness was an inspiration to us all. We join the rest of the nation in remembering her 70 years of glorious service.

What happens next…

The PSG will review the projects that have been submitted and work out priorities and resources, they will assist Andrew in making initial contacts with the project sponsors and help things stay on track. We already have a number of ‘bigger picture’ projects but are keen to hear from others that have more local ideas within specific Groups/Sections.

Andrew will be making his way around the District, getting to know us and vice versa. If you have a particular event that you would like to invite Andrew to then please get in touch.

Submit a development project proposal

We are encouraging Managers, Trustees and Leaders to submit ideas for projects for our Growth & Development Officer, Andrew. Please use button below to get in touch with your great ideas. We’ve tried to keep the form extremely simple capturing just the essential info Andrew needs to put a full proposal together on your behalf. Once you’ve completed the form, Andrew will arrange a meeting with you to gather some further information to ensure your project is a success

Your thoughts and ideas

Gathering a range of thoughts and ideas is crucial to the success of the development plan and it is only through teamwork and everyone playing their part that we’ll be truly be able to innovate. Please feel free to add ideas to the Padlet below how we can develop Mersey Weaver. All ideas, musings and suggestions welcome!

Share your ideas with others

Everyone is invite to share ideas they have using the Padlet embedded above.

Step 1

You don’t need a Padlet account to contribute ideas, but it’s easy to set up an account. If you’d like to be credited, please leave your name or log in to Padlet.

Step 2

When you’re ready to add an idea, click the ‘+’ button at the bottom right of the screen. 

Feel free to share all sorts of activity ideas, from initial sparks of inspiration to tried-and-tested favorites. You can add as many ideas as you like, or you can just build on others’ ideas.

Step 3

Take some time to read through the ideas that have been shared and use the comment feature to build on others’ ideas and suggestions. 

If you see something that you think is great, give it a like by hitting the heart button. Thank you for your collaboration!