At the Sectional Meeting at the Heath Business Park on 12th November 2013, WalkForLife Team Members; Matthew Marnell, Sam Burgess, Matt ‘Chippy’ Richards and Jonathon Stanley announced The WalkForLife to Leaders and Members of the Mersey Weaver District. The Team discussed what The WalkForLife is, Who we are and What we are for.
For any members and Leaders that were at the meeting and are unsure of any details, or you would buy modafinil online from uk like to find out how you can get involved, please feel free to contact us:
Twitter: @mndwalkforlife / #walk4life
We will be sorting out a “JustGiving” Page once The John Marnell unique Charity code for MNDa has been obtained.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to the event and further working in partnership with Mersey Weaver District,
The MND WalkForLife Team
Matthew Marnell
Sam Burgess
Matt ‘Chippy’ Richards
Jonathon Stanley
Matthew Ward