About this time, Matthew Marnell, Sam Burgess, Jonny Stanley, Matthew Ward and Matt “Chippy” Richards (along with the MND Walk4Life Support Team) are setting off on the most memorable hike of their lives (and for seasoned Cheshire Hike participants that is saying something!) – MND Walk4Life – A 60km along the entire length of the Sandstone Trail, from its start in Whitchurch through to the finish in Frodsham (and a litte bit extra to get them to 4th Runcorn HQ, Park buy modafinil sample Lane, Runcorn). The challenge is to complete the expedition in under 24 hours, a feat they should smash with relative ease  however time will tell.
We wish them all the best for this momentous adventure, one full of memories, trials and (according to the weather forecast) potential wet weather. The expedition is expected to take them around to Saturday afternoon.