Mersey Weaver Scouts are keen to encourage and support young people who wish to participate in international events and projects. Scouting is an international movement and a visit abroad is a fantastic opportunity to learn about another culture, meet other Scouts, understand how they live, experience unique adventures and extend the horizons of our members beyond the village, town or city in which they live. All of the top Awards in Scouting require participants to experience or incorporate  some understanding of global issues and a visit abroad is  great way of enabling that.

Our International Fund

It is recognised however that the expense of organising visits abroad can sometimes be barrier. It has therefore buy modafinil in canada been agreed by the District’s Executive to establish a Designated Fund to support international Scouting.  The fund can be accessed to secure bookings for accommodation, travel, insurance while fundraising is taking place; to subsidise the cost of specialist equipment or in certain circumstances help less fortunate families.

Recent International Projects

  • World Scout Jamboree 2015 – Japan
  • Kanderstag 2017 – Switzerland
  • Nord 2017 – Norway
  • World Scout Moot 2017 – Iceland
  • Hosted Dutch Scouts 2018 – QCW
  • World Scout Jamboree 2019 – North America
  • EuroJam 2020 – Poland

Interested in an Adventurous Trip/Visit Abroad but not sure where to start?

Contact our District Commissioner Oliver Chambers  

To apply for funding from the International Scouting Fund you will need to complete a project proposal.  

Completed Project Proposals should be sent to Sponsorship Advisory Panel for consideration before being forwarded on to the Executive committee.