The Distirct own five GPS trackers, which can be used by Groups and Units for Adventurous Activities. The trackers work by sending a GPS location via GPRS or SMS to a smartphone app or website. They have an SOS functionality that can alert a specified phone number via SMS of a problem and the tracker’s current coordinates. Geofences can be set up so that certain alerts can be triggered when someone arrives or leaves a marked area. The trackers also have built in microphone for relaying messages.

The obvious reason the trackers are useful is for the safeguarding young people. Having the tracker allows leaders to give older Scouts space to explore and responsibility while still retaining the piece of mind that they can track the location any one who might go astray. However the trackers can also be used buy modafinil online paypal more creatively by the young people for games and activities.


Hire Cost


Per Tracker (inc sim card)


All Trackers (5 x Units inc sim cards)


Example of Activities:

  • Keeping tabs of teams during Cheshire Hike practice.
  • For an inventive geocaching/treasure hunting type activity.
  • While hillwalking to track parties or alert a person back at base of an emergency.
  • During a bike ride
  • For a D of E expedition
  • Wide Games
  • For more information about innovative new programme ideas contact ADC Adventure Oliver Chambers

Or for ideas how to incorporate new technology into your programme or technical support get in touch with the Technology Active Support Unit.


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