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Adventurous Activity Training

Gain the qualifications to run activities safely

Adventurous Activities are at the heart of and essential to Scouting. In fact 50% of every sections programme should be doing something adventurous.

With so many activities available within Scouting, we need to ensure we continue to provide training and assessment opportunities for our members, so they can gain the skills required to run these activities safely.

The adventurous activity permit scheme is an internal assessment scheme designed to ensure that all those leading adventurous activities for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so. Full details are available on how the scheme works and support for you through the scheme, whether you are a leader applying for a permit, an assessor assessing an applicant, or a commissioner granting someone a permit here.


To help support and develop people with their roles within Scouting, the The Scouts run a number of activities workshops. Information is available on all activities workshops currently booked, along with dates and details of what each workshop includes on the County and National websites.

Activity permit assessment courses

If you are searching for an assessment for an adventurous activity permit, you can find details of activity permit assessment courses on County and National websites. If you are running an assessment course then please feel free to send us details so we can advertise it to our leaders.

Activity training courses

If you are looking to learn new skills or new activities, or just update your existing skills, then there are a number of activity training courses. If you are a training provider and you have course dates that you would like distributed, then please feel free to send us the details. 

Adults interested in providing adventurous activities, can take part in the permit training scheme. Courses can be attended both in and outside the County or at one of the National Scout Activity Centres

  • Cheshire County Permit Training Scheduled Events and on request
  • Yr Hafod, North Wales
  • Crawfordsburn, Northern Ireland
  • Downe, Kent
  • Ferny Crofts, New Forest
  • Gilwell Park, Essex
  • Great Tower, Lake District
  • Hawkhirst, Northumbria
  • Lochearnhead, Scotland
  • Woodhouse Park, South Gloucestershire
  • Youlbury, Oxfordshire

County Assessors

County Assessors are appointed by Counties through the same process as any other adult appointment, including personal enquiry checks and validating module 1 of The Scout Association’s Adult Training Scheme. Information on how to become a County Assessor and the details of the role can be found here


Both the District and County offer subsidises for training in adventurous activities. There are also funds available at the national level and from third party trusts: