District Archery Hire

Mersey Weaver have an archery range located at Queen Charlotte’s Wood together with a stock of equipment suitable for Beavers through to Explorer aged young people and adults.

We have available a number of Permitted Archery Instructors who can be booked, in advance, should you not have your own Permitted Instructor. Currently, they are only available by prior arrangement in evenings or at weekends.  One instructor is required for every 6 archers shooting; however, this ratio may be adjusted depending on the age of the archers as Beavers may need a higher ratio of supervision on the range. You can book the range and equipment, or  if you have your own equipment the range can be booked on its own. Please best place to buy modafinil australia note that we only hire the archery equipment for use at Queen Charlotte’s Wood.

Archery Risk Assessment

We have archery risk assessment template. This will be reviewed by the session instructor and the participants group leader at the start of the session to ensure it is reflects the situation.  

Archery Risk Assessment.

Our range instructors are only responsible for the archers on the range, group leaders are responsible for the behaviour and safety of the rest of their group who are waiting to shoot.  Therefore, group leaders need to ensure that they have sufficient adult support at all times with those waiting to shoot.

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