Internet Services

While we all want to limit the amount of time young people spend online and encourage them to participative in Adventure and activities outdoors. Having an internet connection in your HQ can be a wonderful resource and open up many new and exciting activities and links to the outside world like never before.  Through Scouting we can promote the positive uses of the Internet, such as a participation in Global events like Jamboree On the Internet or The Hour of Code. As more and more services move online, an internet connection can also be useful for leaders or execs for accessing documents stored on cloud storage, Compass or Online Scout Manager.

If you’re thinking of installing an internet connection in your HQ and would like some help or advise – Get in touch! We’ll help you find the best provider to suit your needs and assist with any preparation of the building and installation of any wiring or hardware. We’ll also show you some simple ways of keeping your members safe online and setup content filtering for you.

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