Digital Programme Support

The Technology ASU offer a number of different services to groups and units both in and outside of Mersey Weaver whether that’s on a section night, at an event or technical support for day to day Scouting.

Digital Technology

We suspect there are hundreds of ideas out there of how digital technology can enhance the Scouting experience.. for example, with the advent of wearable technology like the Google Glass imagine how you could reinvent the wide game for the 21st century?

Digital Citizen & Maker Badges

We can help groups and units with the digital part of their programme and with the requirements of the Digital Citizen & Digital Maker Badges. Need some ideas or maybe you’re not that computer savvy and want some help facilitating the badges? Get in touch! We can help with Video & Audio Production, Analogue and Digital Photography, Animation, 3D Printing & Computer Aided Design, Programming, Websites, Radio Communication, Online Safety Awareness, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more!

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