“The ASU is responsible for the District’s strategy to develop Hill Walking & Trekking Activities so that they become a regular occurrence on the programmes of all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers & Network in MW”.

Purpose of the ASU

  • To equip adult volunteers with the skills and experience necessary for them to deliver activity sessions to a greater number of young people across Mersey Weaver Scout District.
  • To support District and Groups in the District in delivering hillwalking and trekking events.
  • To create a community of good practise for all adults in Mersey Weaver Scout District who have a ‘Hillwalking’ activity permit, to enable them to maintain and develop their ‘Hillwalking’ skills, experience and knowledge.


To meet the Purpose, the Objectives of the Active Support Unit are:

Young People

  • To create and maintain a Competency Ladder with an achievable level of participation in the activity for young people in each Section. This will be used as a framework for providing activities to each Section.
  • Provide a diary of events available for young people with a range of progression programmes for each Section.
  • Helping to support Section, Group and District in providing hillwalking and trekking opportunity at their events.


  • Actively work with each Scout Group in Mersey Weaver to define the appropriate number and skill levels of hillwalking and trekking permits required to support delivery of the Competency Ladder for each young person in the District.
  • To support the District Team in enthusing and recruiting sufficient adults to ensure that the Competency Ladder can be delivered to each young person in the District.
  • To plan and publish quarterly a rolling 12 month diary of activity training dates for adults wishing to become skilled and assessed in the activity area.
  • To provide training sessions of the permits, authorisations or qualifications to the appropriate level. Ensure that training is provided to a range of competencies to match the requirements of all the Sections.
  • To enable young people to work towards qualifications when they become an adult
  • To ensure that training provided to adults has a prior agreement about the frequency of sessions to be run by the adult over a period agreed by the District Commissioners Team.


The Active Support Unit is managed by the District Hillwalking and Trekking Active Support Manager who is responsible for delivery against the objectives and the routine running of the Unit.

Need support?

For assistance with an activity with your Beaver/Cub/Scout/Explorer Section or Scout Group, please contact the Hillwalking and Trekking Active Support Manager Richard Hamilton.

Interested in joining the ASU?

You do not need to be a current member of the scout Association to join an Active Support Unit.  Therefore, if you are interested in helping to promote hillwalking and trekking and improve the skills of our members then please consider joining our Hillwalking and Trekking Sports ASU.