Scout Association Launches Digital Manifesto & New Digital Badges

Vodafone UK and the Vodafone Foundation are proud to be working in partnership with The Scout Association to support the Digital Maker and Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badges, and help enhance lives through technology. We all have a duty to ensure that the technology we have at our fingertips is used responsibly and in a sustainable way. Vodafone takes this to heart, focussing on two core principles; Digital confidence for all – ensuring everyone has access to technology and more importantly, the confidence to use it; and Digital wellbeing – making sure the technology it provides is used to enhance the lives of individuals and families.

Digital Maker and Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badges

New online tools and resources to help safest way to buy modafinil online leaders deliver the Digital Citizen and Digital Maker Staged Activity Badges will be launching later in the year.

Digital Manifesto

To kick off our partnership we’ve come together to launch the Scouts’ Digital Manifesto. Providing young people and adults with six clear, concise and easy to understand goals, the Manifesto will help all sections use digital technology in a safe, smart, creative and responsible way. The new Scouts’ Digital Manifesto:

1. Use digital to learn and embrace new skills
2. Share your adventures digitally and inspire others
3. Know when to switch off, balancing screen time with outdoor activities
4. Use digital skills to support your family and community
5. Use digital to be creative
6. Stay safe online and know the risks

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