It is with great pleasure we are able to announce two new appointments for Mersey Weaver’s Scout Network!

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Scout Network is the fifth and final section of the Scouting movement. Scout Network members take part in a variety of activities, which they undertake and organise themselves as “projects”. The Programme is divided into three Programme Areas: Community, International and Adventure.

There are over 20,000 18-25 year olds across the UK and around 50 in Mersey Weaver. Scout Network offers them the opportunity to take part in a huge range of exciting projects, activities and international events. Whether its a local meet-up or a once in a lifetime trip to the Amazon, it’s all about working together to build new skills, seek out new experiences and make a difference in the world. 

District Scout Network Commissioner

Matthew Duckett

Matthew will oversee and lead the section acting as the liaison between the District Exec and Team to ensure Scout Network is run safely, has the resources it needs to function and as well as grow and develop. Matt progressed his way through all the sections in Scouting starting as Beaver at 12th Widnes right up into becoming an Explorer Scout at Aquila after leaving Scouts. One of Matt’s Scouting highlights was attending our Explorer trip to Kanderstag in 2017. Matt is currently and AESL with Aquila.

Assistant District Commissioner – Scout Network

Alex Weale

Alex will work alongside Matt to provide programme and practical support to the section. Linking Network members with the right people to get their projects off the ground as well provide any support they may need to gain their top awards.  Alex also has been all the way through Scouting starting as Beaver at 1st Ince and Elton becoming an Explorer at Cestrian after finishing Scouts. Alex is currently an ACSL at 1st Ince and Elton and an Assistant Unit Leader for our EuroJam unit.

We are delighted that Matthew and Alex have agreed to work together and we are excited about the possibilities that this partnership will mean for Network in Mersey Weaver.

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