For residents of Halton, the monthly Halton Borough Council magazine – Inside Halton – has recently hit doorsteps. Mersey Weaver District features on page 5 of the June edition (as well as the contents page).
The article covers the inaugural parade of Mersey Weaver held at none other than Halton’s own Halton Stadium in Widnes. There was a cornucopia of special guests including Wayne Bulpitt – UK Chief Commissioner, Chris Harris – Regional Commissioner, Graham Phillips – County Commissioner as well as representatives from Halton Council including; Deputy Mayor and Mayoress Tom and Angela McInerney and Cllr Phil Harris as well as hundreds of proud parents joining the hundreds of young people and leaders that make up Mersey Weaver District.
The groups within the district paraded out onto Halton Stadium, marching through the stadium car park, through the tunnel and out onto the i-Pitch, at the other side of which stood the retiring standards of North West Cheshire and Widnes District next to the news standards of Mersey Weaver District with the footnote “Founded 2012” proudly displayed on the standards.
A short service was conducted by Rev Helen Morby and a number of awards were presented by Wayne Bulpitt to leaders of Mersey Weaver.
“It was great to see so many groups represented”, said District Commissioner John Duley. “It showed that Mersey Weaver district is in good health and ready for a promising future”
“We were grateful to both Wayne and Graham for taking the time to join our ceremony, to Halton Borough Council for their support and the co-operation of staff at the stadium for helping us to make the event such a success”