You may be aware that I have asked John Duley to become ACC Development to help me to provide support around the County with a number of development projects. John has provided invaluable support and leadership in establishing Mersey Weaver as the newest District in the County. I now believe that the structures within the District, the District team and the general direction the District is travelling in are sustainable and present the opportunity for a new DC to build on this success, releasing John to use his talents in other ways to support Scouting in the County.
The role of the District Commissioner is a key appointment in the management and delivery of Scouting in the County. It is therefore essential that the right person, with the support of their District and the necessary skills be appointed.
The procedure has changed over the years and it is now a much more open process. To help me I have asked your District Chairman, to lead a small search group to identify and submit to me their recommendations for consideration as a successor. I now invite you personally to contribute to the search by submitting a nomination (or nominations) of persons whom you feel should be considered for this important voluntary appointment.
Nominations should be submitted, either using the enclosed form or by letter, in an envelope marked ‘Personal and Confidential-District Commissioner Nomination’ to:- Graham Phillips, County Commissioner. County Office, Willow Tree Park, Booths Lane, Lymm, Cheshire, WA13 0PQ or by email;
Nominations should be received on or before Monday 13 January 2014
In order to ensure the widest possible consultation you are asked, in addition to submitting your own nomination, to circulate this request for nominations to all members of the District, District and Group Scout Councils within your area of responsibility.   This may be verbally, by mail or via newsletters.   Please note that in order to ensure confidentiality, and prevent building up false hopes, nominations should be submitted without approaching the individual concerned.
Self-nomination is acceptable and encouraged.
I ask you to give serious and urgent consideration to the skills, which you personally might be able to bring to this role or people with whom you work in Scouting, at work, or in the wider community who you believe have the qualities to be your District Commissioner.  When considering a possible candidate please do not compare can you really buy modafinil online them against the current or any previous DC’s.  Your current DC, John Duley, has contributed considerably to the development of the District and has built a management structure, which matched his plans and ambitions for the District. However one of the strengths in Scouting has the ability to regenerate itself with key appointments, such as the appointment of a new DC who can shape their team to build on the successes of the past and shape future plans. At this stage it is important to draw up a list with as wide a cross section of people as possible, so that the search group can begin the process of preparing a short list.
Once appointed a new DC receives a package of support to help them in the new role. This will include direct support from the Regional Development Service and the appointment of a “buddy” who is usually either another DC from Cheshire or one of the Deputy County Commissioners. It should also be remembered that Mersey Weaver District is well organised and resourced with a well-established District Executive to support the new DC and dedicated team members to support the various activities and sections in the District. The appointment of a DC is a unique opportunity for somebody to potentially make a significant difference to the lives of young people in the local community.
Outline timetable
Mon 13 Jan              Nomination submission deadline
Mon 20 Jan              Search group to consider nominations
Tues 21 Jan              Recommendations sent to CC
Tues 28 Jan              Interviews to be arranged
Mon 17 Feb              Announcement of new DC for Mersey Weaver District
Feb onwards            Handover protocols to be agreed
Please note that there is potential for delay at all stages of this outline plan, which might delay the final announcement. Speed is not the key part of this process, selecting the right candidate is of paramount importance.
Finally may I remind you that as a recipient of this letter you are likely to be in the best position to know the needs of the District and have knowledge of potential candidates.   Please play your part in ensuring that due consideration is given to all possible candidates by submitting your nomination.
Thank you in anticipation of your support
Yours in Scouting,
Graham Phillips
County Commissioner
Attachment: Mersey Weaver DC Search Letter/Application Form (Adobe PDF Document)
Attachment: Mersey Weaver DC Search Letter/Application Form (Microsoft Word Document)