CSA Bronze Award recipients outside Heath SOG Conference CentreOn Sunday 18th May, 87 Beaver Scouts from the Mersey Weaver Scout District, were presented with their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.
Beavers are the youngest section of The Scout Association and are aged from 6 to 8 years. 12 Beaver Colonies were represented at the Awards Ceremony which was held at The Heath Business Park in Runcorn.
ACC Beavers; Paul Brown, made the presentations assisted by ADCs Beavers; Caroline Myers and Sandra Johnson
The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award is the highest where to buy modafinil online 2014 award gained in Beaver section. This is the first step on the road to The Queen’s Scout Award which is the ultimate goal for all Scouts.
Chief Scouts Bronze Award
The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award is the culmination of 6 challenge awards (Creative, Fitness, Friendship, Global, Outdoor & Promise), each with their own unique requirements.
Our very best wishes go to all the Beavers Scouts who gained the Award.
For more information about the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award (and the prerequisite Challenges), click here