Dear colleagues,
It hardly seems possible that it is now less than a month away from the first anniversary of the creation of the Mersey Weaver District. The year enviably had a series of firsts but I could not have imagined that 2012 would be so remarkable at the start of the year.
The year saw continued reflection of the contribution made by so many to the previous districts of Widnes and North West Cheshire. Widnes wrapped up their 100 year celebrations and the North West started theirs. These celebrations provided some great opportunities for young and not so young to enjoy activities and reflect on the contribution scouting has made to the lives of so many over the years.
The district took part in all of the county competitions with success in a number of these including first places in the Cheshire Hike and the Cub Swimming Gala. Well done to all who took part and the leaders who trained the young people and supported the events.
We were pleased that Our first St George’s Day service, held at the Stobart Stadium, was attended by Wayne Bulpitt, the UK Chief Commissioner as well as the Regional and County Commissioners. A tremendous display of the new district’s membership was on show and it was an emotional day as the previous district flags were laid down and the new ones dedicated.
Once again we have to acknowledge the marvellous support we receive from Halton Council and SOG. The support we receive is in my experience buy modafinil uk unique and it this special relationship which formed the basis of the district being recognised with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. As I have said we join a very select group from within scouting which has been honoured in this way.
As we look to the coming months and years ahead the challenge will be to continue the development of the District. We have a real challenge in building capacity to meet the demands from young people to join us. Not only do we need to strengthen a number of existing leadership teams but also look to open new sections/groups.
I am encouraged by the number of younger adults that are now taking on leadership roles and the establishment of the Young Leaders Unit which I hope will provide the movement with leaders in future years.
As Christmas approaches I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the contribution you have made to the new district. Special thanks must go to the District Team and the Executive for their support to myself and for all their hard work. As always it is the adults who turn up week after week and spend hours planning activities who make Mersey Weaver so special and who contribute so much to their communities.
I wish you and your families all the very best for Christmas and the New Year and look forward to 2013 being another fantastic year for the district.
Yours sincerely,