District Celebration – Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – On behalf of the District Executive Committee
As all of you will be aware, The District has been honoured by the receipt of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.
The formal presentation of this award will take place on the 1stNovember. Originally it was planned that this would be an open event for everyone who wanted or was able to attend, however due to the award being presented by a very significant VIP, a restricted attendee list was imposed upon us.
At the recent Birthday Bash event two names and a reserve were selected at random from each Group or Unit within the District and these people have recently received a formal invite to the award presentation event.
As a consequence of the restricted attendee list it has been decided that we should hold an additional event so that the remainder of the District have an opportunity to share in the celebration. We are trying to get something sorted out for November and as soon as we can confirm a venue and a date we will buy modafinil online canada send out further information.
As part of the ongoing celebration of this award the District Executive have agreed to fund the purchase of an enamelled metal badge, bearing the QAVS logo, which can be worn on uniform. An initial small purchase was made so that we could check the quality of the badges and now a larger order has been placed. These badges are not an off-the-shelf item and are made to order so there will be a delay before we can distribute them to Groups. Each Group will receive one for every adult leader recorded on the census. Additional badges will be available to purchase at around £2.00 each. Further details of how you can order will be also be circulated soon.
If you have any questions relating to this please contact me and I will do my best to provide an answer.
Derek Hillbeck
Deputy District Secretary