Project-CompassMore information has been released by the District Team with regards to Project Compass, and our special Compass page has been updated with the new information. You can view the page by selecting ‘Project Compass’ under the Members section of the menu, alternatively you can access the page by clicking here.
Below are some of the highlights from the latest update:

  • The Compass portal was delivered on 12th December.
  • Youth Data Spreadsheet templates for all Groups were delivered to the District in mid-January.
  • Data cleansing of the existing system is ongoing still. It is essential that we keep these records up to date and so we must continue to ensure that every group checks that all their adult volunteers are on the existing system with the correct details. These details will be uploaded automatically!
  • The new POR has been published in January incorporating Compass into our procedures
  • Talks with OSM are continuing.
  • Groups will be provided with their templates together with instructions for use in the early part of March. We hope to provide more details on this at the Sections meeting on 4th March.
  • After the initial data download, all Groups will be given a named ‘Champion’ assigned to them who will train their members in use of the system and act as contact point for help and information. This will continue after inauguration in August for as long as may be necessary.