HQ News: New badges launched!

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newbadges14Scouting HQ have launched an exciting range of new badges for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. These badges guarantee young people lots of fun and adventure whilst giving them the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills.
Beavers will be able to gain awards in photography, gardening and camping. Through the new Space Activity Badge, they can learn about the solar system and space missions. Along with Cubs, Beavers can achieve a Disability Awareness Badge, which teaches them how to support young people with disabilities and how to communicate effectively using methods other than speech.
Young people will become charity fundraisers with our new Fundraising Badge. Scouts and Explorer Scouts will learn how to persuade people to donate to a charitable cause and how to promote a fundraising campaign through get modafinil prescription online social media.

Traditional Scouting skills are covered with new badges for Scouts who hike or sleep out under the stars. Badges will be awarded to those who clock up 200 nights away camping throughout their time in Scouting.
The launch of these new badges follows an extensive 10-month consultation with people inside and outside Scouting. HQ gathered the views of over 12,000 members through focus groups, surveys, social media and events.
Chief Scout Bear Grylls said: ‘Throughout its 107-year history Scouting has continued to evolve: these new badges make sure we are able to keep offering activities that educate and enthuse young people in equal measure.’

Beaver Scout Activity Badges

Cub Scout Activity Badges

Scout Activity Badges

Explorer Scout Activity Badges

Staged Activity Badge for all sections

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