Scouting in Mersey Weaver continues to grow!

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Cheshire-contingentScouting numbers in Cheshire have grown by more than 2,000 in less than a decade – helped by another increase in Mersey Weaver District. The annual census shows that current membership levels in the county are 11,804 representing another year of overall growth. Mersey Weaver membership now stands at 1,414 – up by 213 in the last six years.
“To have grown so much in just a few short years is remarkable and we have seen the response from young people to the vibrant activity programmes that are set by out dedicated leadership teams,” said District Commissioner John Duley.
In 2005 County membership stood at 9,560 and was declining year on year.
“We have performed a remarkable turnaround to the point where there are still 1,000 more young people clamouring to join on our waiting lists,” said County Commissioner Graham Phillips.
“We have increased the number of adult helpers by more than 200 in that same period, but we still need more to help deliver our programme of fun, challenge and adventure.”
The highest profile new adult volunteer is the Duchess of Cambridge who helps out at a Cub Pack in North Wales.
On Sunday the Duchess honoured more than 400 Scouts at Windsor Castle. They were receiving the Queen’s Scout Award, the highest honour a Scout can achieve.The Queen’s Scout Award recognises personal achievement, endeavour and service to others, and is the ultimate goal of Scouts in the UK. Chief Scout and international adventurer Bear Grylls also attended the event at Windsor Castle.
Amongst them was Mersey Weaver member Lewis Morgan of Dorchester Park, a helper at 4 th Runcorn Cubs, who said:
“From starting Scouting at aged six, through to helping Cub Scouts, I have where to buy modafinil in canada enjoyed every part of it. Now having achieved the Queen’s Scout Award I feel great gratitude to the organisation and people who have helped and given me the opportunities to discover new and exciting things.”
“Going to Windsor Castle and being one of the Queen’s Scouts reviewed by the Duchess of Cambridge feels like great honour and special that we, Queen’s Scouts, are a select group. The day in Windsor was thoroughly enjoyable and something I will remember for a long time to come.”
“In achieving the Queen’s Scout Award I, with my friends, have come across and beaten many challenges, such as having to find and plan multiple new routes on our expedition after the path was washed away by a stream that had turned into a river. Probably one of the most rewarding things that the award has brought me is the time I have spent helping the leaders at 4th Runcorn Cub Scouts. Being one of the people who contribute to the organisation and help others to get on the way to achieving similar experiences as me feels great.”
Chief Scout Bear Grylls commented: “The Duchess is an incredible role model and she helps us show that Scouting’s not just for boys. She’s also such a generous volunteer and everyone is so excited to have her in the Scouting family. Many people have followed her lead and are getting involved and enjoying the adventure!”
Scouting is the largest co-educational youth Movement in the UK. On the back of eight consecutive years of growth, total membership has increased over 20% since 2005 to 536,787 this year. (2005: 444,936).

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