Leaders Required for Cheshire Contingent to WSJ in Japan

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You may know that Cheshire has been awarded 5 patrols with 5 Leader positions to the WSJ (World Scout Jamboree) in Japan, 2015. This will be the largest County Contingent from the NW Region and will offer a “life changing” experience for those involved.
The 5 patrols are divided into two units. One unit will be made up of 3 Cheshire patrols with a patrol of Guides from Northern Ireland with the other 2 Cheshire patrols combined with 2 patrols from Manchester West in a combined unit.
The price has still not been confirmed but I expect it to be around £4,000 per person.
To deliver the “life changing” experience for the Scouts selected to attend the Jamboree requires inspirational Leaders who love working with young people (preferably teenagers), who can bring their their enthusiasm for Scouting, have practical problem solving skills and an ability to always look on the bright side. Its hard work from the day of the appointment but the rewards are enormous, just ask any Leader who has had one of these roles in the past because its “life changing” for adults as well.
Do you know anybody who fits the description?
Full details and resources can be found on the county site at www.cheshirescouts.org.uk/japan2015

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